Apply for a grant

Anyone with an idea, and the willingness and ability to carry it out, can apply for a grant to be issued by our network through its decentralized treasury. To apply for a grant, one must submit a proposal to our network to which it'll be evaluated and voted on by the community. There's no set rules for what can be proposed to the network, however most proposals are about helping Navcoin to achieve its mission of protecting the financial privacy of every individual, either through concrete work or by supporting a cause that shares our same beliefs.

Open to everyone

Everyone can get involved by submitting a proposal leaving it to the network to decide what's valuable.

Fully decentralized

As part of our network's consensus rules, the funds can only be spent through a dual consensus vote.

500K NAV yearly

Every block that gets staked adds 0.5 NAV to the treasury which accumulates over time.

How it works

Our decentralized treasury is controlled by our network through a dual voting consensus system. The first vote takes place prior to any work being commenced and determines if the community is in favor of the proposal. The second vote takes place once the work has completed and lets the community evaluate the work and determine if it's been completed according to its initial proposal.

You can use one of our wallets to submit your proposal to the network, however before doing so, it's good practice to involve the community, listen to their thoughts and address them if need be. When it comes to submitting the proposal itself, it's helpful to all, if the proposal's title field contains a link to a more descriptive write-up on one of our social channels, as can be seen with previously accepted proposals.

Once your proposal has been submitted to our network, it's time for our community to cast their votes. For your proposal to become formally accepted on our network, it has to reach a minimum acceptance rate of 70% on a minimum participation rate of 50%. If your proposal is successful in achieving this, your requested payment will become locked and unavailable to other proposals, and thus everything's set for you to deliver on the promise of your proposal.

When you've completed the task as laid out in your proposal, you can request its payment. If the task of your proposal is structured by clearly defined milestones, you may choose to request partial payments along the way. In a similar fashion as with the proposal itself, a payment request can be submitted to the network using one of our wallets, and requires a minimum acceptance rate of 70% on a minimum participation rate of 50%.